Friday, August 26, 2011

b r e a d & c h e e s e

h  a  l  l  o  !

So it has been almost a week since I have written a blog and all I can say is holy crap. This is really been such an adventure so far and I have only been here for two days. But, let me tell you (whoever you are) what has been happening since I left the states in the quickest, most un-boring way possible.

-got lost in the train station looking for a cab while tripping over my luggage
-bought a lot of food that was somewhat weird, somewhat good
-drank a lot of beers
-coffee shops ;)
-made friends

I also took a tour of Leiden, which is the town I am staying in. So here are some pictures from that and I'll write another blog soon telling whoever wants to know about my experience at a dunderdub (dubstep) club.


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