Sunday, August 28, 2011

d o n d e r d u b

Probably had some of the best nights ever here in Leiden. The other day, my friend Laura and I went to a club that was having a dubstep night. At first it was a little weird because the people there were dancing strangely, or at least it looked strange to me. But, as more people showed up (and as I drank more dutch beer) I began to relax a bit. The music was amazing but it was a little slower than the dubstep I was used to. Anyway, I do highly suggest that you go to every club, musical event, and show while in Europe because the people here definitely know how to have fun.

Last night, I was treated with more awesome dubstep/techno/minimalist music, except this time it was a free outdoor concert. There was a stage set up right on a canal and everyone was dancing and drinking out on the streets of Leiden. The dj's that were there was DJ F.I.T.C.H. and DJ Sparkling Abercrombie. Yea, strange names but awesome dj's, 

Sadly I forgot my camera so no pictures or videos from either of those nights but instead enjoy this picture of some dutch candy:

The left one is chocolate in the shape of a porcupine and the 3 mushrooms are my favorite. The tops of the mushroom are like gumdrops then you bite into this hard sugar stem that is filled with sugar liquid. Its soooo good. 

I'll start to have videos up soon along with more pictures and more detailed accounts. But until then,


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