Wednesday, August 17, 2011

z o o . b l u e s

Odd jobs should be my middle name. Ever since my first job I have loved the feeling of getting a paycheck that was mine alone and being able to spend that money on whatever I wanted. Whether it be clothing or a new tattoo, my money has been well spent. However, just because I like the money part does not necessarily mean I like the working part. To be honest, I have never stayed at a job for very long. I always seem to get bored with it. And as my boredom grew with each job I began to wonder if I would ever find one that was perfect for me. 

After quitting my last job of delivering a variety of newspapers everyday from 2am to 7am, I got lucky. I applied at a nearby zoo and the very next day I got the job. I would now be going to the zoo everyday to operate the kiddie rides. Working at the zoo was quite the experience. Everyday I would be greeted by a macaw that only knew how to say "hello" and then on my break I would go see the most beautiful white tiger with hypnotizing blue eyes. Each day I worked there I loved it more and more. 

On my 20th birthday, my supervisor and my coworkers surprised me by getting me an ice cream cake. I was shocked especially since I had arrived to work late that day. It was such a good feeling that these people cared enough to get me a cake when they barely even knew me at that point. On that day, I realized that this job was the one odd job that I might just keep. 

However, it wasn't just the free cake and the amazing animals that kept me coming back every day. The people who I worked with were strange, weird, funny, and overall extremely nice. There was this one guy who looked and acted exactly like Santa Claus. The kids loved him and after talking to him a couple of times I realized how amazing this man was. He had such a great life, from running away with his wife to join the circus in 1969 to having his own pet elephant (who sadly died last year). Meeting this strange character made me realize how people can surprise you. And most of all, meeting him, and all the other people I worked with, made me realize that I could find a place where I loved to be.

Since I am going abroad in less than a week I no longer work at the zoo. My last day was a couple of days ago and since then I have been bored out of my mind. I have never wanted to go to work so much. I guess boredom at home is a lot worse than boredom at work because at least you make money when you are bored at work. 

Luckily, I'll get to work at the zoo again next summer. Looking forward to it but until then I guess I'll just be having fun in the Netherlands!


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