Saturday, September 3, 2011

l o c a l s

h  a  l  l  o  !

So I highly suggest talking to the locals when you go abroad. I promise you the idea of talking to someone who may or may not speak perfect English might seem a little, well, scary, but believe me when I say it isn't. The people in Europe are extremely friendly and very open. Constantly I have been told that Americans are too closed in on themselves which I find to be exactly right. 

Last night while a few friends and I roamed the streets of Leiden we found ourselves bumping into more locals who just wanted to talk. First we went to the snackbar to get a quick bite when a few local guys began conversation with us. It was hilarious because we all kept trying to show off what little dutch we knew and they kept correcting us. Then they gave me and the other girls I was with 3 kisses on the cheek. They said that if a guy has a good conversation with a girl he just met he gives her 3 kisses on her cheeks to show respect. If he gives a girl more than 3 kisses then it means he likes her a lot. 

After we left them, we stopped at a bar for another beer before heading home but on our way home I was stopped by 2 girls who I thought were asking for directions but then they said that they just wanted to talk. Of course I was like, oh sure why not right? This was quite a funny experience since the girls kept breaking out into song, singing about dutch boys wanted to have sex but going home to have sex with themselves and singing the dutch national anthem. But, the good news is that they told me of cheap shops to buy really cute clothes and shoes.

I must say that talking to the people here is a lot more fun and interesting then going to a bar with the American people you already know. So do as the dutch do, open up, talk to someone random, and maybe learn something new.

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