Friday, September 2, 2011

a m s t e r d a m

So the other day we took a trip to Amsterdam where we had a canal tour, a walking tour, and went into several museums. And yes, we saw the red light district which was both strange and some what amusing since most of the prostitutes were very large. Anyway, here are some pictures from that trip:

hilarious robot guy.

And as promised here are some pictures of my room...

bedroom window (so big!)

bed is up on a loft and those stairs are not easy to climb

extremely messy desk 

what my meals usually consist of. 

So, I do have more pictures from Amsterdam but I doubt you guys want to see a bunch of pictures of buildings. The funny thing about Amsterdam was that it reminded me of Boston and made me a bit homesick. Apparently Boston is the most European looking city in the U.S. so three cheers for Boston.

But anyway, I do love it here but now that my Dutch class has started I can't help but get a bit frustrated. This language is somewhat easy because it is so similar to English but at the same time it is not easy at all. But, that is the point of being here right? To take me out of my comfort zone, to learn something new and to hopefully gain some sort of knowledge to bring back home with me. Its not easy being away but maybe it will get easier.

Until then,


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