Sunday, September 25, 2011

p o l i t i c s

h  a  l  l  o  !

So, I am taking a break, or rather procrastinating, from my school work at the moment. I have to do a presentation on a Dutch political system, and I chose to do my research on the party GroenLinks, which means green left. They describe themselves as green, social, tolerant and part of the "freedom loving tradition of the left." Basically their ideals revolve making a greener world to live in where everyone enjoys freedom and peace, and where we protect our Earth, ecosystems, and animals. 

It actually sounds like a very appealing politic party to join, to be honest.

Anyway it got me thinking about politics in general and how they vary from country to country, continent to continent. Policies, ideals, thoughts, actions, everything is a little different where ever you go, but one thing remains the same: there is always more than one political party. So what would happen if the entire world operated together? Like, they would still do their own things and be their own country, state, person, but they would all work together to create a better a world, a perfect world one could say.

But, that is impossible, right? A perfect world. The idea is constantly laughed at and looked at as impossible. I don't think anything is impossible, I just think there are things we choose not to do because we are too lazy, or we don't like the sound of it, or it just plain scares us. So a perfect world, in my opinion, is not impossible. It may be out of reach, but when people work together who knows what can be accomplished. 

Anyway, I'll stop being a hippy for a second and share with you guys some funny cartoons I stumbled upon today (and no I didn't use the website "stumbleupon" I literally just stumbled across them while researching political parties.)

Here is a link to the website that has all the cartoons and stuff:

[[ so to be clear, I do NOT own the rights to any of these pictures (obviously) ]]

Enjoy the pics? Then check out his website cuz there are even funnier ones, here is the link again for those of you too lazy (or find it impossible) to scroll back up to the link:


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