Thursday, August 8, 2013

e n d l e s s

To fight for something is the greatest feat any one person can ever take on. Whether that be a fight for love, to create, or to end something, having passion for that fight is what makes us human. After watching, reading, learning of so many worlds come to an end or starting anew through some sort of cause has created an endless passion in me. That passion being to spread that fighting spirit; to ask the world to put down their hatred and pick up a passion that unites one and all. Is that asking for too much? Possibly, but I ask it in the hopes that it will stir creation in all of us. I fight for reason - a reason to live, to love, to keep going. I want nothing more than to share that love, that fight, that endless passion with every soul. If we, as humans, could open our eyes to the hatred we pour out and determine the cause of it, is it possible to ever live together happily? Can we ever put down our weapons and just realize that we are all the same - we are all human - and together we must live in this tough and dangerous world. So why cause any more stress to the brothers and sisters of humanity when we are all fighting for the same cause? We all want to live happily and to be surrounded by love; we want to tell the stories of our past, present, and future.

I won't give up in that passion because I am motivated by that truest feeling that we all share - love.

So, the question is, what will you fight for?

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