Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hello those of you who may happen upon this sad little page. I thought I would post a little something since it is the first day of the New Year. Obviously, I have spent my entire day in bed, partly do to a hangover. 2015. Strange. This year I will be turning 24, one year closer to being able to rent a car. Exciting... 

It has definitely made me think back on my life and how it will be moving forward. By the time I turn 24 I hope to have completed a few goals:

Finish writing at least one story.
Go to the gym; not to lose weight but to become a healthier and happier person.
Get an apartment that I will want to stay in for more than a year. I am tired of moving.
Buy a new mattress along with a couch and bedroom furniture (trust me, it's needed).
Take a vacation to somewhere I've never been (hoping for California).
Update this blog more.

That last one is important as I intend to create a new blog, possibly on my own website. I want to make it more visible and something that I will post in at least once a week. For those of you who do read this blog I will post an announcement before closing this page along with a link to my new one.

One last thought before I go-

Choose to do something this year that you have never done before. You may find something that you truly enjoy in the process.

Happy New Year!

x o x o

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